Pacific Northwest is Best

Tuesdays thru Sundays at 12:30pm

Approx. 5 hours

4 Portland breweries

It’s hard to beat the Pacific Northwest when it comes to beer. This tour will introduce you to the ingredients, history, and culture that makes the craft beer scene in the PNW admired worldwide. 

We will start with the education first and introduce you to the ingredients in beer and how they've contributed to the rise of craft beer in the Pacific Northwest. We'll walk you through the tasting process so you can better enjoy beers and explore new styles. Next stop- you'll get VIP access behind the scenes to see the brewing process and how the ingredients work together to produce the liquid love.  By the 3rd stop, you'll be ready for some eats! Food paired with beer is the best way to enjoy a few bites. Our last stop will be a chill location where you can connect with your new beer friends, play some beer trivia with a chance to win a prize, while sipping on some of the city's finest suds. 



  • Transportation 
  • Beer tasting 
  • Beer journal 
  • Souvenir glass
  • Pretzel necklace 
  • Apps

Step 1:

Tasting Beer + Beer 101

Step 2:

Behind The Scenes Tour

Step 3:

Beer + Food

Step 4:

Beer + Fun

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December 2018