Approx. 4 HOURS
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What's included
Cider Sample Portland's FRESH dry ciders and learn how they are made.
Spirits Tasting Get a behind the scenes look at the process and taste award winning spirits.
Appetizers Discovery why Portland is a top international culinary destination.
BREWVANA Journal Complimentary journal and pen for taking notes along your journey.
Souvenir Glass Remember the occasion with a collectible Portland souvenir.
Pretzel necklace For palette cleansing between samples, and edible jewelry!

Cider Fermentation

Let us blow your mind with the new wave of craft cider. Learn about the process and style and taste the unique style of Portland's fresh dry ciders! These naturally gluten-free ciders aren't to be confused with those fruity unnaturally sweet ciders you may have had back in your 'college' years.

Local Beers and Appetizers

We'll visit a brewery next where you'll taste and experience the Pacific Northwest's favorite beer styles and indulge in tasty appetizers for a sample of why Portland, Oregon is home of the country's best Brewpubs.

Brewing and Distilling

Save the spirits for last. In order to make whiskey you need to make beer! Get a behind the scenes look at the brewing/distilling process and taste some award winning spirits. Not for the faint of heart.